Crossword Champ Premium January 14 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium January 134 2022 Answers. Every day 3 new crossword puzzles are published at the App Crossword Champ. As we know, most of them are really hard to solve, thats why we are publishing here the whole solution for this daily crossword. Have fun and enjoy your time by playing such great puzzles.

Crossword Champ Premium January 14 2022 Answers:

Close 4 Letters SHUT
Pet lovers’ org 4 Letters SPCA
Photo(Storm in X-men ___ Berry) 5 Letters HALLE
Foreign relief org created by JFK 5 Letters USAID
Life insurance plan 7 Letters TONTINE
Yale or Root 5 Letters ELIHU
Incites 6 Letters EGGSON
The Merry Widow composer 5 Letters LEHAR
Single artifact 4 Letters ITEM
Weeding tools 4 Letters HOES
Little ___ 3 Letters UNS
Snare ___ 4 Letters DRUM
Finds repugnant 7 Letters DETESTS
Singer Bonnie 5 Letters RAITT
breathe such vows as lovers ___ swear (Shak) 5 Letters USETO
Subatomic particle 5 Letters MESON
El ___ Texas city 4 Letters PASO
Board 5 Letters GETON
Tranquillity 4 Letters EASE
Hatfields eg 4 Letters CLAN
Certain clarified butters 5 Letters GHEES
No-win situations? 4 Letters TIES
Landed 4 Letters ALIT
Wal-Mart wholesale club 4 Letters SAMS
Brief but vigorous fight 5 Letters SETTO
Dead ____ Scrolls 3 Letters SEA
New York Times employee 6 Letters EDITOR
Soap family name 4 Letters TATE
American photographer Edward 6 Letters WESTON
Cried 4 Letters WEPT
A Bobbsey twin 3 Letters NAN
You look good enough ___ 5 Letters TOEAT
Lollygag 5 Letters TARRY
Mouths or openings 4 Letters ORAS
Not yet fulfilled 5 Letters UNMET
Website address 3 Letters URL
Public welfare org 3 Letters NGO
Time zone 3 Letters MST
Acronym for an outdoor fantasy game 4 Letters LARP
Emulated Pinocchio 4 Letters LIED
Blue books? 4 Letters SMUT
Actress ___ Farrow 3 Letters MIA
Battleship letters 3 Letters USS
Have down ___ science 3 Letters TOA
NFL positions: Abbr 3 Letters RGS
Too many to count 7 Letters EMIRATE
French miss (abbr) 4 Letters MLLE
Scat queen Fitzgerald 4 Letters ELLA
One-on-one basketball play slangily 3 Letters ISO
Globular water bottle used in Asia 4 Letters LOTA
Memory loss 7 Letters AMNESIA
Warm scarves: muff___ 4 Letters LERS
Capital where trains provide oxygen masks 5 Letters LHASA
Advantage for a hockey team 7 Letters HOMEICE
Long past its heyday 5 Letters MOLDY
Over poetically 3 Letters OER
Day-___ paint 3 Letters GLO
Kind of cracker 6 Letters GRAHAM
1919 George Gershwin composition 6 Letters SWANEE
Small aperture 5 Letters STOMA
How I Play Golf author 5 Letters WOODS
It knocked Newton’s noggin 5 Letters APPLE
Metric unit of weight 6 Letters GRAMME
Persona non ___ 5 Letters GRATA
Manufacturer 5 Letters MAKER
‘Miss ___ Boys” (1997) 5 Letters EVERS
Fields persona 5 Letters TOPER
___ the Explorer 4 Letters DORA
Oration station 4 Letters DAIS
Leavings 4 Letters ORTS
Where an icicle may hang 4 Letters EAVE
Italian noble family 4 Letters ESTE
Error report? 4 Letters OOPS
The Terminator character Connor 5 Letters SARAH
Resort 3 Letters SPA
Some dollars 4 Letters IKES
The year 1551 4 Letters MDLI
Brightly colored bird 5 Letters PITTA
Musical performance: con___ 4 Letters CERT
Offshore and then some 4 Letters ASEA
State of India 5 Letters ASSAM
Scottish Gaelic 4 Letters ERSE

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