Crossword Champ Premium August 7 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium August 7 2022 Answers. Every day 3 new crossword puzzles are published at the App Crossword Champ. As we know, most of them are really hard to solve, thats why we are publishing here the whole solution for this daily crossword. Have fun and enjoy your time by playing such great puzzles.

Crossword Champ Premium August 7 2022 Answers:

Red or Met eg NLER
Seether ___ and Effect KARMA
First mate aboard the Jolly Roger SMEE
Kabayaki drink SAKE
They have boughs for bows YEWS
Ubiquitous lily relative ALOE
Spaniards et al EUROPEANS
Pull-over spot for cars ROADSIDE
Revered person IDOL
Butter or jam SPREAD
Terrace stone perhaps SLATE
Clean with hard rubbing SCOUR
Tropical fish TETRA
Counts in the gym REPS
Cross ROOD
Bill originated in 1862 ONEDOLLAR
(Manuscript written in Old Frisian: ___ Linda Book) OERA
Scott in 1857 news DRED
Actress Blakley RONEE
Cone bearer FIR
More mentally stable SANER
First tracks on a vinyl SIDEA
Convenient encl SAE
Troubadour’s stringed instrument LUTE
German art song LIED
Grenoble is its capital ISERE
15 divs on old maps SSRS
Train storage area RAILYARD
Public brawl AFFRAY
Gets the suds out RINSES
Palindromic begetter? DAD
Subject to an air attack STRAFE
Emmy winner de Matteo DREA
Feed as a fire STOKE
(Food fishes from warm seas) TUNAS
Brings up REARS
Kitten’s cry MEW
Muralist Rivera DIEGO
Big name in knives GINSU
Election day: Abbr TUE
Insurance agency (abbr) FDIC
Grade point avg CUME
Has to MUST
Managed MADEDO
Suffix for press URE
Sort carefully SIFT
Indian buzzard TESA
Fits of chills and fever AGUES
Diminutive for short ITSY
Don’t cut ATTEND
Apprehended NAILED
Frustrated cry GAH
Horror movie sounds EEKS
I’d love to help USEME
Fragrant compound ESTER
Marine mammals SEALS
Schooling: Abbr EDUC
Walking ___ ONAIR
Singer India___ ARIE
Rolaids rival TUMS
Cup in some coffeehouses TASSE
Enemy of the early Christians NERO
Webster wrote many of them: Abbr DEFS
Letter on fraternity row THETA
The Monkees’ ___ Believer IMA
Road company TROUPE
Soup for junior PUREE
Op-ed piece ESSAY
A fisherman may spin one TALE
Flowery keepsakes LEIS
Celestial bear URSA
Football Hall-of-Famer Hein MEL
Bluenose PRUDE
Sharp scolding EARFUL
Fender-bender result DENT
Crosses the threshold ENTERS
German polish border river ODER
They represent trillions TERAS

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