Crossword Champ Premium August 17 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium August 17 2022 Answers. Every day 3 new crossword puzzles are published at the App Crossword Champ. As we know, most of them are really hard to solve, thats why we are publishing here the whole solution for this daily crossword. Have fun and enjoy your time by playing such great puzzles.

Crossword Champ Premium August 17 2022 Answers:

En ___ (all together) MASSE
Deadly African biter MAMBA
Standard font style ARIAL
Founding father who had a beer named after him
Top-left button on most keyboards ESC
___ Raton BOCA
City settlement in Orange County California BREA
Chestnuts roasting ___ open fire ONAN
Julius Caesar role CASCA
Noted Titanic couple ASTORS
Person of action DOER
(___ly: lace mat) DOI
Unit indicated by an omega OHM
Composer Brian ENO
See 38-Down ROR
Strong liquors var ARAKS
Genetic materials RNAS
Shocked expression OHNO
Person imitating another MIMIC
Land annexed by Indonesia EASTTIMOR
Across prefix TRANS
Oz creator BAUM
Ill will RANCOR
Last movement of a sonata RONDO
City in northern Syria ALEPPO
___ mater (brain cover) PIA
Asian expanse ARALSEA
Clark’s squeeze on Smallville LANA
W Africa republic SIERRALEONE
Give a delight ELATE
Set as a price ASKED
Fabrications LYINGS
Group of criminals GANG
A and B in records SIDES
Escargots SNAILS
Ninth letter of the Greek alphabet: i___ OTA
I’m ___ here! OUTTA
Court TV feature TRIAL
Firefighting Red ADAIR
Anger RILE
Kind of preview SNEAK
Pakistan’s official language URDU
Carbamide UREA
Bit of goss ONDIT
Coloring TINCT
Museo holdings ARTE
Princess’s crown TIARA
Jetson pooch ASTRO
Not just cool GELID
Scooby-___ DOO
Scarlet RED
Least wild TAMEST
Layered TIERED
Lady of Lima SENORA
Cesar the Joker ROMERO
Ancient land in eastern France ALSATIA
Agassi of tennis ANDRE
Picnic-drinks holder COOLER
Olde work force ESNES
Sunday dinner item ROAST
Cheese ingredient RENNET
Hud Oscar winner Patricia NEAL
Romain de Tirtoff’s pseudonym ERTE
Prefix for ‘intermediate’ MESO
How to buy a guy? MALEORDER
Certifiable MAD
Hot attractive girl: b___ ABE
My Name Is Asher ___ (Chaim Potok novel) LEV
DDE’s charge in WW ETO
Bleeding Love singer Lewis 2007 LEONA
Was in charge LED
Assist ABET
Hoc ___ in votis ERAT
Fish hawks’ cousins ERNES
Whip It rock band DEVO
Proofreader’s mark DELE
Biblical verb DOEST

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