Crossword Champ Daily November 22 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 22 2022 Answers. Every day 3 new crossword puzzles are published at the App Crossword Champ. As we know, most of them are really hard to solve, thats why we are publishing here the whole solution for this daily crossword. Have fun and enjoy your time by playing such great puzzles.

Crossword Champ Daily November 22 2022 Answers:

Where a baseball prospect might play AAA
La ___ Bolivia PAZ
____ gow poker PAI
French weapon ARM
Omega’s counterpart ZEE
Small flake of dirt SMUT
Saintly glow HALO
Was in possession of HAD
Like the spotted owl RARE
$200 Monopoly props RRS
Congregational word: ___n AME
Golden or teddy BEAR
Originates BEGINS
Icy coating RIME
Computer reseller for short OEM
Can province ONT
Feminizing suffix ESS
2003 epidemic in Toronto SARS
Osculation ‘tools’ LIPS
Peon of yore ESNE
Greek city known to the ancients as Ambracia ARTA
Suffix for a belief system ISM
Ending with rain or snow IEST
[[IMAGE]](Vol___eter: Instrument for measuring electric potential) LTM
Airport pickup LIMO
Provoke INCITE
Doctor’s order REHAB
Conical tent TIPI
Comportment MIEN
Broadcasting period AIRTIME
Russ jet MIG
Five on a gunslinger’s gun IIIII
Drive forward IEL
School assignment (Abbr) RPT
___ for Noose NIS
Fiesta Bowl site TEMPE
Government pension org SSA
Pvt’s superior SGT
Remove from jurisdiction ELOIN
Wanted-poster letters AKA
Indecent BAWDY
USN policemen SPS
Where dirty dishes pile up SINK
[[IMAGE]](Handheld device (abbr)) PDA
Greek letters SIGMAS
Shark’s organ of locomotion FIN
Podiatrist’s concern FEET
Yesterday in Rome IERI
Happi___ kind___ etc NESS
Japanese city OSAKA
___ Amin (Oscar role for Forest Whitaker) IDI
Shoebox letters EEE
Relative acquired after marriage INLAW
Fault-finders NAGGERS
Neighbor of Aus GER
Zodiac constellation LEO
East Indian tree DAK
O Canada for one ANTHEM
Athena’s mother METIS
Anthem author Rand AYN
Six-legged picnic pest ANT
___on the brother of Moses AAR
1993 NL batting champ Galarraga ANDRES
Forked-tailed seabird TERN
Airport security company TSA
Kind of film in brief EMM
Bemoan regret RUE
Beach shades TANS

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