Crossword Champ Daily January 14 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily January 14 2022 Answers. Every day 3 new crossword puzzles are published at the App Crossword Champ. As we know, most of them are really hard to solve, thats why we are publishing here the whole solution for this daily crossword. Have fun and enjoy your time by playing such great puzzles.

Crossword Champ Daily January 14 2022 Answers:

Soul in Sens 3 Letters AME
Crew members 4 Letters OARS
Egypt’s river to Rocco 4 Letters NILO
Photo(Oblong shaped steel block) 5 Letters INGOT
Poultry 4 Letters FOWL
Underground subways 13 Letters
___ Helens (abbr) 4 Letters MTST
Stable parents 5 Letters MARES
Attach with twine perhaps 5 Letters TIEON
___ skin off my nose! 5 Letters ITSNO
William McKinley’s wife 3 Letters IDA
Prefix for marketing 4 Letters TELE
Photo(Dried grape) 6 Letters RAISIN
Beams 4 Letters RAYS
Cameroon’s cont 3 Letters AFR
Pecking bites 4 Letters NIPS
Do something that’s below one’s dignity 5 Letters DEIGN
B___ turn into vampires 3 Letters ATS
___ you coming to dinner tonight? 3 Letters ARE
Photo(P___on) 3 Letters OIS
Sp woman (Abbr) 3 Letters SRE
Spiders’ egg holders 4 Letters SACS
Opera villains often 5 Letters ALTOS
Big inits in long distance 3 Letters ATT
Naval petty officer (abbr) 3 Letters YEO
National broadcaster 3 Letters NPR
C’___ la vie! 3 Letters EST
Payroll ID at times 3 Letters SSN
Biblical high priest 5 Letters ANNAS
Compass pt 3 Letters NNE
Stretch of land 5 Letters TRACT
Bering Sea diving bird 3 Letters AUK
In need of ___ (tired) 5 Letters AREST
Peace group (2 words) 13 Letters
Metric weight 4 Letters KILO
Start of an ode’s title 3 Letters TOA
Gun org 3 Letters NRA
Coach’s first name on Cheers 5 Letters ERNIE
Thank you — much! 6 Letters EVERSO
Telepathic power 3 Letters ESP
Co subdivision 3 Letters TWP
Alma___ (annual book of facts) 3 Letters NAC
Salome’s seven in opera 5 Letters VEILS
Photo(Eurasian shrubs) 6 Letters LILACS
Bugs Bunny is a ___ey Tunes cartoon 4 Letters LOON
Prevent legally 5 Letters ESTOP
Biblical verb with thou 4 Letters DOST
Museo hanging 4 Letters ARTE
Sn___hat is a very popular app for taking selfies 3 Letters APC
Japanese instrument 4 Letters KOTO
Gold fineness meas 3 Letters KTS
Yours and mine 4 Letters OURS
USN policemen 3 Letters SPS
:I was blind but now I ___ 3 Letters SEE
Musical symbol 3 Letters DOT
Key contraction 3 Letters OER
___-80 (old Radio Shack computer) 3 Letters TRS
Get past the worst point 13 Letters
Eagle grippers 6 Letters TALONS
Health coverage under contract (abbr) 3 Letters HMO
Photo(Friends guy) 4 Letters ROSS
Mexican Mrs 3 Letters SRA

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